Pescan is a ligh-weight network scanner and exploration tool designed to be very small in size and dependencies. Its coded in pure Perl5. It has many features, but remember, pescan is not NMAP, it's only a little perl scanner with extended features, but not designed to replace any powerful scanner such nmap.

It was designed to work on a AIX, Solaris and HPUX system out-of-the-box, just like another tools like, some kind of useful tools in network audits easy to deploy.


- ICMP scanning (for mapping alive hosts).
- UDP scanning (UDP discovery by UDP responsible ports only).
- TCP scanning (by using standard open() method, yes very noisy) with ICMP alive check optional.
- Banner grab for any service (tcp or udp).
- HTTP Server detection based on banner grabbing.
- Fastscan mode for embedded standard ports.
- IP specification in bitmask (, ranges ( or simple hosts.
- PORT specification in ranges (1:100), single ports or enumerated ports (23,80,110).
- Standard IO Redirection.
- Grepable output
- Customizable speed for scanning.
- Customizable timeout for banner grabbing.
- Verbose mode and progress status for impatient people who need to know what hell is scanner doing.

Of course you can also modify source code to do whathever you need ;)


svn co


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